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April 25, 2007

Weekly Challenge (Indie Bloggers)

Filed under: Writing — Becky @ 9:07 am

The challenge:

For your 55th birthday, your significant puts together a magnificent Hawaiian luau bash. Your dream, as a couple, was always to go there but life piled up in front of you and, alas, you never made it. The bash winds down around 1 am after much heavy partying. You wake up, can’t find your significant anywhere, walk into the kitchen, and find this note taped to the coffee maker:


“Gone for batteries, be back in a bit, love —me”

I shake my head at his ability to function at this late hour. *He’s always been a night owl* I think as I turn back towards the cabinet to put the coffee mug away, and see his wallet lying on the counter where it always is. *Odd…oh well, he’ll be back for it*, and I head back to bed falling back to sleep quickly.***

I sit up with a jolt, reaching out towards his side of the bed, it’s cold and unwrinkled. Pulling my robe around me, I tiptoe out towards the office, hoping to find him in front of the computer. He’s not there.

“Jason?” , I ask, walking into the living room, expecting to see him asleep on the couch. Nothing. No answer, no sleeping husband. *Where the hell is he*, I mutter to myself as I push aside the curtains to look outside. His truck is still sitting in the drive, dwarfing my car as usual. *He’s got to be here somewhere*, I think to myself as I head towards the basement, hoping that maybe he’s tinkering around down there.

The lights in the basement are off, I reach to flick them on and nothing happens. I flick the switch on and off rapidly, calling out into the darkened area.

“Babe…you down there?” No answer. I move back in to the kitchen and grab a flashlight from the junk drawer and flick it on. Just then, I notice the red on my fingers…


Hmm, where to go now?

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