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April 26, 2007

Where I’m From

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I am from books new and old, from Maxwell House coffee and bad reality TV.

I am from the post, the base, the naval air station with gate and locks and closures and incongruent welcoming arms.

I am from the bluebells of Texas, the waterfalls of Iceland and the corn of Nebraska and the smell of earthworms after the rain.

I am from seven kinds of fish on Christmas and bad eyesight, from Cathy and David and Donna. I am from the spenders-of-money and the constant huggers.

From no matter what you do, we will always love you and Eat it, it will put hair on your chest.

I am from Protestant-ism. Searching and seeking for something that rings with truth.

I’m from New Hampshire, from seafood and Schnitzel.

From the broken glo-sticks all over the bedroom in Texas, the trips to see new babies and the wisdom that comes with age.

I am from the plastic box with the scrapbooks and loose photos, stored carefully in the basement, the yearbooks and journals opened and read with fond memories .


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