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October 28, 2007

Show us!

Filed under: Show Us! — Becky @ 11:32 pm

Show us a gadget you can’t live without.

Hmm, one I CAN’T live without…

First my cell phone came to mind…then I realized I have no idea where it is anyway, so that’s out.Then my hand held organizer was next….nope, the batteries died on that thing and I haven’t replaced them yet….so not that either. Wait…the remote to the tv….no wait, that’s missing/gone on vacation too. My camera?? No, the batteries are dead in that as well…

So, I decided to move on to my kitchen gadgets…my mixer? Maybe, I couldn’t find the blades earlier this week…so I had to beat the whip cream into shape by hand..so nope, not that one either. My rice cooker? While it does make my life easier, I can still cook up a batch of sushi rice on the stove top so no…not that either.

On and on it went, going thru each of my “gadgets” trying to figure out which one I couldn’t live with out. I guess I don’t “need” any of my “gadgets” really.

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