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February 12, 2008

The Great Interview Experiment

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I took part in a pretty cool thing recently-The great interview Experiment-which is attempting to make everyone “somebody” and to prove that you don’t have to be famous to be interviewed.

For my part I interviewed Sarah– who is a source of inspiration for anyone–see question #2! She’s also had some pretty neat jobs, but the most interesting sounding, by far is the Custard Engineer! I love custard (frozen or not) so that one really struck a note with me.

1) Is there some thing that you wish you could invent?
Hmm… this is tough. Right now, I wish “they” (not me) could invent a way to travel faster on the ground. I love road trips, but sometimes you just need to get where you are going. For example, I wish I could get to work faster, but I don’t need to fly. I just need a faster car, or maybe higher speed limits. I don’t think I really answered the question, so I’d also like to invent a way to make cute shoes for my ski feet, without paying a ton of money.

2) What one thing/memory/situation makes you the most proud?
Seeing how much weight I’ve lost and how much better I look now, compared to high school.

This is freshman year of college – yes my eyebrow was pierced… but this was after I started plucking so at least you aren’t seeing the unibrow. At the end of this school year (2001) I weighed about 260lbs. You can’t see the fat as well in this picture, but trust me. The next one is Prom, junior year of high school. yikes!!

the next one is me and my grandma in December. I weigh about 195. I still have some weight I want to lose, but watching home videos last weekend made me realize how far I’ve come. My goal is 175.

3) What is the one place you want to visit before you get old and gray? Why?
Paris, or some part of France. I took French in high school and college, and I was pretty good at it. I want to immerse myself in the culture and see if everything I envision France to be is close to what it’s really like.

4) What is your biggest pet peeve about people? Why does it bug you?
Incorrect grammar. I’m not sure why, but I feel like everyone should be able to communicate well, regardless of profession and it drives me insane when people use incorrect grammar. It especially irks me when I read it in a newspaper or other publication.

5) What angers you more than anything?
Not being taken seriously at work because I am young. I guess I look younger than I am (which will come in handy later, but it’s frustrating right now) so some people think I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I really do try not to make stuff up to sound important.

6) What makes you laugh the hardest?
When my three good friends from high school and I get together. We always end up making fun of ourselves for turning into our mothers.

7) What three positive things do you really want people to know about you?
I’m a good listener, I’m good at my job (for future employers… how do you convey that on a piece of paper!?), I’m usually a happy person.

8) What have you always wanted to talk here about, but haven’t – either because you’re too afraid, it’s too controversial, or you just don’t know how to do it justice or put it into words?
My sex life. My parents and grandma and my father in law read this. sooo that subject is not allowed. Sometimes I want to blog when hubby and I get in a fight, but I also don’t want the whole world to know all of that… sometimes I blog and don’t publish or I write it down to get it all out.

9.)What is the strangest job you have ever had?
well, I’ve worked at a college, a hospital doing PR, steak n shake and cracker barrell as a server, old navy, best buy and kohls as retail, and at a golf course as a beer wench. I don’t really think any of them are strange, but the kind of different job was by far my favorite – a “custard engineer” at Fritz’s Frozen Custard all through high school. My best high school memories were formed in the parking lot after work, where we would all hang out until 3 in the morning after our shifts. I’m still friends with several of those people.

10) This time last year, you posted pictures of some artwork that you had done in your basement. Have you done anymore work like that one the house?
no, but I did paint on a canvas for a co-worker.

I was also on the receiving end of an interview done by Christine. She had a lot of questions, and I am always willing to talk about myself, lol!

If I was coming round for dinner what would you cook? I’d probably start by asking you what your favorite cuisine was, and then try to devise a menu from there. Most recently, I had a co-worker of the husband over and his favorite meal of all time is “Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo”, so I made that, and apparently he thinks it’s better than what they make at the Olive Garden. (I think he doesn’t eat out enough!!)

What is your favorite new ingredient of the moment? Right now, I’d have to say Mascarpone Cheese. Did you know you can use that in just about everything? You can use it as a dessert ingredient or you can use it in a savory sauce…that stuff is amazing!

What did you have for dinner last night? Last night, I had a chicken breast, smothered in BBQ sauce, coated in bread crumbs and oven baked until it was nice and crispy-(Sort of an hommage to BBQ and Fried Chicken but combined)-with some sweet corn drizzled with melted butter with a side of homemade smashed potatoes!

What is the best about local food in Nebraska? Home grown beef–hands down.


I have a #1 rule of blogging that is basically that if I write about someone, ANYONE they will probably read it. Has that held true for you as fasionista that you know about?—I don’t think so for the most part. I tend to write more about things or my feelings or boring day to day activities, and less about people (unless they are wearing really bad clothing, and then I try not to name names). If I do write about people, I try to keep it positive, so that if they do read it, they won’t be offended.

The 80s look appears to be coming back how’s that feel?–It makes me want to rip out my hair and lament the fact that this is happening. The 80;s were bad, mmkay? Bad hair, neon colors—oh the humanity!

You are omnipotent but only in the styles arena you can instantly make something a super trend or wipe it away. What do you choose? I would get rid of tapered jeans. No one should ever venture outside their home in a pair of tapered leg jeans unless they want to look like an ice cream cone.

Is there something that is classic Omaha fashion that outsiders wouldn’t know about? Do you partake? I don’t think Omaha really has fashion…let alone a fashion that others don’t know about. People around here are pretty laid back when it comes to fashion, for the most part. The only thing I have really seen them get excited about fashion wise is Nebraska Husker Gear, and that is one thing I can’t partake in. We are BC supporters here!


What is the best thing about living in Omaha? What would you change about it if you could?
The small town feeling in what is shaping up to be a real city. Only in Omaha, can you see a sign above a cart corral in a shopping area parking lot that says “Think of your neighbor and the damage that could happen to their car”. The only thing I would really change about Omaha would be to move it closer to the ocean. My husband and I were both born in New England and we miss that area, the scenery, the mountains, the ocean….

I maybe moving to Omaha what do you recommend for me to do to get the real feel of the city?– Spend some time down in the Old Market for the unique shopping experience, go to a ball game at Rosenblatt (Home of the Men’s College World Series!)and visit some the amazing museums we have here ( The Jocelyn is my favorite!)

If you could instantly transport your whole family back to living in the time you grew up would you? If not then is there a time you think of as “the good old days?” What would you miss most about now? No, I don’t think there is a time that would be “the good old days’ for me. I enjoyed my past and the time that I grew up in , but my family has so many more opportunities now, than what existed 5 years ago, let alone 10-20 plus years ago.

Is there anything about you that doesn’t fit in Omaha? Where would it fit better. Would you move there if you could? I am a totally New England gal. I love the ocean, the mountains, forests….and Omaha doesn’t really have those things. I’d love to live in New England again…perhaps someday after retirement!


Has blogging changed you life much? Not really, I do it mainly to keep myself sane and to just jot down things that are passing thru my head.

What topics do you steer clear of in your blog? Any you wish you had more time/courage/insight to blog about that you don’t? I don’t think there is anything really that I won’t write about. I’ve talked about my marriage, my kids, my friends…it’s all good.


Tell me about a recent moment of joy. –Every day that I wake up with family around me is a moment of joy. Sure, it’s also a moment that I NEED coffee or my head will explode, but the joy is there nonetheless.

You’ve got a day to yourself with no obligations — what do you do with it?—
Hmm, shop for a while, read a new book in a bubble bath, and take a lazy nap afterwords. Eat some of my favorite foods and then just relax on the couch.

What is your theme song? — Some days it’s Life ain’t always beautiful by Gary Alan and other it’s 8 Easy steps by Alanis Morrissette.

Who will play you in the movie of your life. Drew Barrymore. If only I looked that good!

What is the perfect modeling job for you? One that lets me use my kids in the photo!

It was an interesting experiment, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know both of these ladies. If you get a chance, go out and read some of the interviews that were done and hopefully you’ll find some new blogs that you won’t be able to resist reading…I know I did.


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