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March 7, 2008

It’s been a rough week…and it’s only Tuesday, right?

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I got a call on Sunday afternoon (I think…it may have been Monday morning…they are all bluring together) from my little brother who let me know that my parents had gone to the hospital to be with my Nana (Mom’s Mom) as she had something wrong with her “chest”.

**This could get graphic**

After calling the hospital and talking to my parents, it’s become clear that my Nana has breast cancer ( those are hard words to type). She has apparently had a lump in her breast for quite some time, but didn’t’ let anyone know about it because she didn’t want to worry anyone as we just lost Grampy (Mom’s Dad) a few years ago to lung and various other cancers. At some point in the past couple of months the lump in her breast (which was actually a tumor) ruptured and caused a large wound in her breast tissue and the skin covering her breast. Instead of going to the doctor, she self-medicated with bandages and that sort and has been hiding this for a while. While at work, the wound opened even further and she was forced to go to the emergency room finally. After seeing the doctor and the surgeon, it was determined that not only was the wound infected and would require IV antibiotics, but she has cancer that will require a radical mastectomy to be done on Wednesday morning. The surgery itself is worrisome, and to add to it– the surgeon doesn’t think that they will be able to save enough skin from the breast to close the wound and will more than likely have to take skin grafts from her legs to close it. They don’t plan on closing the wound right away though, and I am not sure why. Because the cancer was so advanced, they did a bone scan on Monday to see if it had spread any further into her body. After the results come back from the scan–today hopefully!– we will know what type of after care we are looking at for her, whether it be Tamoxifen or some sort of Chemotherapy.

My Nana is a wonderful woman, she’s strong yet soft and cuddly. She never fails to make me laugh, yet she is there to comfort me when I need to cry. She’s 63 years young.

—Updated!! The bone scan came back with spots in her spine and legs. We will know more after the surgery tomorrow morning.

–New Update– She is out of surgery now, and is in recovery. They were able to save enough skin to actually close the wound, so she won’t have to go thru another surgery for the skin grafts.

Update 3/7– She went home yesterday. Had to g0 back in to have the drains removed today, but is doing as well as can be expected. We will know more about treatment options after the biopsy results come back. Did some research online and it doesn’t look like there is much they can do for the spine spots other than Chemo. 


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