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May 10, 2007


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I really wanted to do this (https://fullfiguredfashionista.wordpress.com/2007/05/01/hmmmm), but the truth of it is, it was for a “full-figured spank” magazine. They attempted to lure me in with the “Bridal” aspect (and what girl doesn’t like to dress up as a bride??) and then turned it around to where they only needed the full figured gals to do the “lingerie” section. I don’t mind lingerie, I like it even…but when the “photographer” wouldn’t answer my question as to the name of the magazine, and refused to show me his portfolio, I knew it wasn’t meant to be. Oh well…

I did enter the Curvology Challenge though, ( http://www.curvologychallenge.com)…this was my submission (http://www.flickr.com/photos/7993988@N02/sets/72157600164744903/).


May 2, 2007

Old Navy pulling Plus size line from brick and mortar stores:

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“Dear oldnavy.com Customer,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding our Women’s Plus line. After much
evaluation, and as difficult a decision as it was, we will be removing
the Women’s Plus line from all of our Old Navy stores. Please accept
our sincere apologies for any disappointment this may cause you.

While we will no longer carry Women’s Plus in any of our stores, the
complete line is available on our website at oldnavy.com. You can place
an order on the web or by calling 1-800-OLD-NAVY, option one. Our
online representatives are available 24 hours a day to assist you with
questions or order placement.

We hope this information is helpful and look forward to shopping with
you soon.


Customer Service Consultant”

Seriously, wtf? This sucks. How are plus size women going to determine if a particular old navy clothing item fits them, with out having to buy it first? While I love shopping online, I love being able to go into a store and actually feeling the fabrics, testing the fit with out actually buying the item, just to have to return it if it doesn’t fit. TPTB at GAP (parent company) apparently think that this will help boost on-line sales for the plus-size line . Well duh, if you take away other options for your customers and only give them one avenue to purchase the correct size, of course that avenue’s sales are gonna rise. It’s common sense. I wonder how many customers that Old Navy will lose, with the people who don’t shop online (are there still people that don’t?) and those of us who won’t buy something with out trying it on first…Will be interesting to watch.

May 1, 2007


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“We will need you to bring: a two piece swimsuit or panties and bra, and a teddy or one piece swimsuit.”

This is an email I got in addition to the Bridal Catalog test shoot invitation. While the shoot itself sounds fabulous, (paid trip to KC or Chicago, hotel and food), I am a little leery of a “Bridal” magazine asking me to bring this stuff. Why would I need to do that? I thought the shoot was for gowns. Now I am not so sure I want to participate.

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